A duo based out of Bangalore and Berlin, featuring Aman Mahajan on piano and Nishad Pandey on guitar, performing original repertoire with tinctures of jazz, Western and Indian classical music, and contemporary influences.


Simple Machines is Tinctures' first set of compositions, with each piece creating an environment in which various musical games are played, and concepts are explored. Musical interplay and narrative is given prominence, and often drawn from sources beyond the realms of music.

The concert program consists of compositions including World 1–1, See You In Berlin, Patterns, Uncharted, and Serpentine, as well as a few completely improvised pieces. The compositions provide fresh contexts for familiar sounds, and explore the nature of consonance and dissonance on the piano and guitar.



The duo conducts workshops at music schools and other venues, to share their approach, and to discuss the musical devices they use to compose and improvise.

19.01.2019 Octavium Music Academy, Bangalore
25.01.2019 Theme Music Institute, Bangalore

13.03.2018: Global Music Institute, Greater Noida
12.03.2018: The Piano Man Jazz Club, New Delhi
10.03.2018: One World College of Music, Gurgaon
06.03.2018: Goethe-Institut, Bangalore
28.01.2017: The Blue Room, Bangalore

• the duo’s approach to writing for piano and guitar
• co-composing
• harnessing ears + theory, using them in tandem
• concept-based composition
• a breakdown of specific sections of the pieces
• rhythmic cycles, polyrhythms
• non-functional harmony
• tools for improvisation


17.01.2019 Musee Musical, Hyderabad
18.01.2019 *Monk’s Studio, HSR Layout, Bangalore
19.01.2019 Octavium Music Academy, Bangalore
20.01.2019 *Cooke Town, Bangalore
24.01.2019 Madras Jazz Hub, Chennai
25.01.2019 Theme Music Institute, Bangalore
26.01.2019 The Blue Room, Bangalore
27.01.2019 *Indiranagar, Bangalore

*to attend a house concert, write to us at tinctures.duo@gmail.com

22.04.2018: Kulturraum Mainzer7, Berlin
21.04.2018: Art City People, Berlin
20.04.2018: The Bear, Berlin
19.04.2018: DAMSO Galerie & Teehaus, Berlin
17.04.2018: Geyger Art Gallery, Berlin
15.03.2018: Di Ghent Café, Gurgaon
14.03.2018: Theme Piano World, New Delhi
11.03.2018: Depot48, New Delhi
10.03.2018: &Switch Session, Siri Fort, New Delhi
09.03.2018: Sienna Café, Calcutta
08.03.2018: Alliance Française du Bengale, Calcutta
06.03.2018: Goethe-Institut, Bangalore
04.03.2018: Tabula Rasa, Hyderabad
03.03.2018: Alliance Française, Hyderabad
02.03.2018: house concert, Hyderabad
29.01.2017: Plantation House, Bangalore
28.01.2017: The Blue Room, Bangalore


“Both the musicians conversed in a true dialogue. Both listened to the other. Both the musicians put in their own point of view, simply, clearly and seamlessly.”
07.03.2018 | Pratap Anthony, Serenade Magazine

“Exploring sounds as diverse as their backgrounds from Bengaluru to Berlin, Tinctures brings the guitar and piano together for some harmonic manipulations.”
06.03.2018 | Allan Moses Rodricks, The Hindu

“The duo are on a three-day tour of Hyderabad as a part of the 10th anniversary celebrations of the Hyderabad Western Music Foundation.”
04.03.2018 | Debarun Borthakur, The Times of India