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a solo piano concert series featuring contemporary improvised music by Aman Mahajan


REFUGE is a set of musical themes composed between 2005–2018, that thrives on a synthesis of the spirit of jazz with a myriad of folk and classical influences. Equal parts structured and improvised, the music has been performed with various instrumentations, from solo piano to sextet.

refuge.1 is the solo piano version of this music – a collection of pieces that originated on the piano, travelled across the world on various collaborations meeting a multitude of musicians and audiences along the way, to return to the piano in this avatar.



The concerts feature compositions including:

Refuge (2005) | Leafmotif (2005) | Sitaphalmandi (2005) | Connections (2008) | Where Is It? (2011) | The Ten Thousand Questions (2012) | Load Shedding (2013) | Sun Dance (2013) | Beginningless (2014) | Unnamed (2017)

Aman Mahajan is a pianist, composer and improviser based in Bangalore, India, playing improvised music across a diversity of musical idioms. His current work is influenced by traditional and contemporary forms of music from around the world, often concept-driven, and inspired by a sense of unity and connection. He is keenly interested in improvised music as a medium of interaction and exploration.

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